C++ STL and Competitive Coding


Are you looking into trying out Competitive Coding for real? Are you unsure as to which language to use for the same? Do you wish that you had a language or a tool as simple as Python but a lot faster? Well, fret no more! The MEC Developer Community and the IEEE CS SBC presents to you another talk session in the Talks#MEC series - ‘C++ STL and Competitive Coding’ by Pranav Shridhar. Join this beginner-friendly session to learn all about Modern C++ and Standard Template Library (STL) using which you can master the art of Competitive Coding and dive deep into Problem Solving to take your coding skills to the next level.

Nov 6, 2019 4:30 PM
Govt. Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara
Pranav Shridhar
CS Student

Pranav Shridhar is a passionate coder and an ardent chess player currently pursuing B.Tech in Computer Science in Govt. Model Engineering College, Thrikkakara.