Pranav Shridhar

CS Student

Govt. Model Engineering College

About Me

I am a sophomore CS student in Govt. Model Engineering College. I'm a passionate coder, chess player, blogger and a technical speaker. I like to stay in tune with the latest technologies through continued learning and development. I aspire to become a Fullstack Software Engineer.

I love to play chess both online and on board. It rejuvenates my mind and improves my focus and concentration. Challenge me anytime for a game! ;)

I also like reading books - crime, detective, mystery and science fiction; and non fiction for self improvement. Some of my favourite authors are HG Wells, Dan Brown and Dale Carnegie.

Besides these, I enjoy listening to music. I shuffle between calm and soothing music and energetic pop and psychedelic rock music. Some of my favourite bands are Linkin Park, Pink Floyd, Tame Impala, The Weeknd and White Moth Black Butterfly!


  • Fullstack Software Engineering
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
  • Quantum Computing
  • Computational Physics


  • B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering, 2022

    Govt. Model Engineering College


Languages and Frameworks









Game Of Life

A cellular automata game of life using p5 JS


A React JS web app that neatly displays important words for GRE exam along with their meanings and example sentences.


An Electron JS desktop app that keeps track of usage time of different running apps and displays it along with an analysis report.


A simple Python Flask web app having features such as a todo list, blog post, login/register system and random number fact generator.

Talks and Presentations

Technical Sessions/Discussions

C++ STL and Competitive Coding

Are you looking into trying out Competitive Coding for real? Are you unsure as to which language to use for the same? Do you wish that …

PageRank - Google's Search Engine Algorithm

A short presentation on Google's Search Engine algorithm - PageRank, how it works, mathematics involved and the various terminologies …